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The Philosophy

"You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain..." - Miyamoto Musashi (The Book of Five Rings)

Some of you think with blinders on, in a constant rat race to the top, you have to turn on God Mode for a second. What's your end goal of marketing - to increase traffic. Problem is SEO is a rigged game, you're in a constant rat race up to the top of the mountain, and there is no real "end" to it. There is a #1 position that everyone is targeting, and you're all running towards the goal, someone may come out of no-where and overtake you, then you get pushed back, maybe trip and fall and are history. But that race there never ends. Let's explore the thousands of different potential traffic sources, techniques, and tactics we can mix and match to gain better targeted and a greater volume of traffic than Google can ever send us.

I'm releasing these ideas, cause some of you will act; those are the ones we need during these dark times. Once you get away from the SEO backstabbing, disavowing, "let's not link to other people" environment Google has setup - it's better to coordinate efforts, in a group-like setting - a cartel of sorts. Imagine that same mountain has over 100 different trails, but the SEO trail is filled with everyone and their mothers, but these other trails all lead the same way (to revenue); most of these trails are so barren that by seeing another stranger along the path you are more likely to befriend them and help each other out versus backstabbing each other out of existence. There is so much potential on the trail that it's impossible to acquire it all. So you form a group, then a league, then a cartel that dominates a certain technique or certain niche. That's how you rise to power, that's how you take over the world.

Traffic Leaks

My story begins during the turn of the 3rd millennium, all I wanted to do was be a marketer, I heard something about some super "search engine" being built, but that all sounded like another Lycos to me. So I didn't get into SEO till much later. I did online marketing in the purest form - went to websites with traffic and studied ways how competitors and other marketers were extracting traffic to their own websites, and what I found, well let's just say was rather basic, 1st grade level methods, but boy did those basics work!

There has always been these vague talks about "other" traffic sources so lets delete everything you know about internet marketing. We're going back, way back, to the beginning. If a website exists and it has traffic - a portion of that traffic can become yours - Period; this is what we call a Traffic Leak. It doesn't matter what website. It's your own creative limitations of how to drive that traffic to your website that stand in your way. So we're going to burst open the pipes, let the leaks become a stream, and then the stream into a torrent.

A traffic leak is when you go to a site, community, or area where people are congregating and funnel that traffic to your own website. Its a technique us Ancients used before internet marketers thought Google was and end all be all to online market. The goal is to have visitors continue to visit your site on a regular basis through each traffic leak you implement around the web, creating a torrent of direct and referring traffic.

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